Please help to avert the biggest health crisis of the 21st century

By 2050, if left unchecked, bacterial resistance to antibiotics could plunge medicine into the dark ages, and with it take 10 million lives every year. Please support us with a donation today. Whatever you can give will help us turn honey into hope in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

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Antibiotic resistance is developing at an alarming pace

The lack of new classes of antibiotics and over use of existing formulas is enabling resistance to develop at a frightening pace. Bacteria are constantly evolving and developing new ways to counteract antibiotics. That’s why the world urgently needs a new solution and your support is so vital today.

Nature has given us the answer

With natural antibiotics, called Reactive Oxygen Species, honey kills bacteria and pathogens. Honey has already been bioengineered to maintain consistent levels of its bacteria-fighting properties. But honey’s sticky nature is limiting its potential as a real world alternative to current antibiotics. You can help our research change that.

Together we can make honey easier to use

We are engineering honey into sprays, creams and powders. This will enable honey to be used across more areas of medicine such as surgery, crisis situations and chemotherapy. But we need your support to complete our research.

We need to raise £250,000 to enable this exciting research to move forward

  • £50 would enable us to test 30 potential formulations on a Rheometer, which measures fluid response
  • £250 could buy a ball mill that grinds powders into exactly the same sized granules enabling more accurate testing
  • £1,000 would buy laboratory equipment for ten undergraduate student research projects to support our work
  • £5,000 could purchase a reaction vessel so that we can begin scaling up our processes
  • £15,000 would fund a PhD student's research for a year, which will help accelerate our research.
  • Please talk to us about how making a larger gift could accelerate this important research

To speak about your gift and the difference it will make, please call Emily Henderson on +44 (0)121 414 6879 or email Thank you so much!